Sunday, 25 October 2015

Painting Farming Landscapes & Scenes Course - October 2015


The five week course Painting Farming Landscapes and Scenes ended on Friday.  It was an enjoyable course with a fantastically high standard of paintings being created. The various farming scenes featured in the paintings were from local areas on the Island including Northwood, Apse Heath, Merstone and Sandford.  


Thanks to all the class for sharing their work on this blog post - the class would not have run without you!   


Original painting by Liz 2015

Original painting by Andrew (work in progress) 2015

Original painting by Rosemary (work in progress) 2015 

Original painting by Kate 2015

Original painting by Peter 2015

Original painting by Gill (work in progress) 2015

Original painting by Barbara 2015

Original painting by Sandra 2015

Detail from Sandra's painting
The next course at Northwood WI Hall is a one day workshop 10am to 1pm on Friday 13th November 2015.  The workshop fee is £20.  This workshop can be used to complete unfinished paintings or drawings, alternatively you can use the day to start a new painting or drawing in any medium. 
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Interior Scenes & Everyday Life Course - October 2015

Original pastel painting by Vicki 2015

Thursday was the last day of my Interior Scenes & Everyday Life Course.  The standard of work was exceptionally high.  

Students were asked to produce paintings that either included people, pets or scenes from everyday life.  Scenes of everyday life included paintings set in cafes, pubs, parks or any form of social gathering that captured their imagination.  

Original oil painting by Pam 2015

Original oil painting by Cathy 2015

Original oil painting using painting knife by Lolly 2015

Original oil painting by Sue 2015

Original acrylic painting by Janice 2015 (work in progress)

Original oil painting by Simonne 2015 (work in progress)

Original oil painting by Liz 2015

Detail from Liz's painting which is very reminiscent of the style of  Edward Hopper 

Thank you to all the students who gave permission to share their work - not forgetting Tisha, Maz and Maria whose work is not shown here, but contributed greatly to the course.

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With best wishes