Sunday, 22 November 2015

One Day Painting & Drawing Workshops - Nov 2015

Original painting by Cathy 2015


I have just completed two separate enjoyable, fully booked and successful one day workshops in November. 


The Learners brought along paintings and drawings that needed finishing or ones which they needed guidance with.  In some cases the Learners started new paintings on the day and received help with these.  The examples you see here are the ones that were finished. 


Thank you to everyone for taking part in these workshops and making them happen.  A BIG thank you to all those Artists who have shared the work in this blog post!

Original painting by Meryel 2015

Original painting by Lolly 2015

Original painting by Liz 2015

Original pencil working study for painting by Julie 2015
Original painting by Vicki 2015

Original painting by Janet 2015
If you would like to learn new skills in painting and drawing please message me via the contact form at the bottom of this blog.  My new classes will start after Christmas and details will be posted here in December, but private one to one classes are still available beforehand. 

Best wishes


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Portraiture Part Three: How to Paint Hair Using Oils

Detail of Original Oil Painting by Lee Papworth

In my latest post about portraiture I am looking at how to depict hair using oil paints.  

Whilst I was at art school a teacher once said to me get someone's hair right and you are some way near to capturing their likeness.  Many decades later after doing numerous portraits and figurative painting I can say he was most definitely correct.  The way I depict hair using oil paints is as follows:

Leave the white of the primed canvas so that when you put on the first hair colour preferably the lightest tone the white canvas will make the hair appear luminous. This will be the lightest parts of the hair. 

The mid tones and dark tones will be added when dry. These will be done by using a soft acrylic or watercolour brush with the mixed colour of paint and applied through dry brush technique.  Dry brush technique is when you only use the paint and no painting medium, i.e. just oil paint with no turpentine or linseed oil.

Although hair often looks hard to do, if you follow this technique it can be done very simply as the following paintings show.

Detail of Original Oil Painting by Lee Papworth

Detail of Original Oil Painting by Lee Papworth

Detail of Original Oil Painting by Lee Papworth

Detail of Original Oil Painting by Traceyann Papworth

If you would like to learn more about the art of painting please follow my blog.  I teach locally on the Isle of Wight and if you would like to join a class please use the contact form below.

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